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Get the best deal for the sale of your car

At Autowelt Schweiz we offer you the best deals when buying or exchanging your car

Three ways to sell your car with our help

As an expert for high-quality sports cars, the Autowelt Schweiz offers you a complete online service around the sale of your car. You can freely choose between three different options.

Direct sales: Request an attractive offer immediately!

Would you like to sell your car? And as quickly as possible? Perfect! With the direct sale you receive from us an attractive offer about the purchase of your car. All you have to do is use our form to transfer the data of your vehicle. We guarantee you a 100 % market-driven valuation and a fast handling of the purchase.

The exchange option: Exchange your old vehicle for another one now!

You want to switch? You’re welcome! Another way to sell your car via our platform is to exchange your vehicle for another model from our extensive and widely diversified range. You can also offer us your car using the form below. We will then search for suitable matches for you and promptly present you with a selection of suitable exchange objects.

Commission sale: We find the most solvent buyer for you!

Are you looking for someone who can handle the sale of your car for you? And to stage it professionally in order to achieve the best possible price? Then our commission sale is exactly the right thing for you. The Autowelt Schweiz sells your car in your name. A team of advertising professionals creates attractive image and video material of your vehicle and compiles it into a meaningful dossier, which we then publish on our platform.

Before a successful sale no costs arise for you. However, thanks to our broad positioning and our broad reach with various target groups, you will quickly find a solvent customer for car purchases, regardless of the model you wish to sell.

Use our form now to sell, exchange or commission your car.

Our expert service is available for premium vehicles starting at CHF 100’000.- to vehicles valued over CHF 1’000’000.-

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