We at Autowelt Schweiz offer you limitless possibilities, this includes rare hypercars. In this segment we have an assortment of exclusive and limited cars of all brands.

Hypercars differentiate significantly from ordinary sports cars

Wherever hypercars appear, they leave a strong impression with their innovative and unusual appearance. They stand out, because manufacturers know no limits when it comes to designing and engineering hypercars, also known as supercars. Whether the Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari or the AMG Project One, anything is possible. Just starting the engine gives you goose bumps and stepping on the gas pedal makes your heartbeat soar. The most powerful vehicles in the world inspire with a performance of more than 1000 hp.

The customers of Autowelt Schweiz love exclusivity and luxury. This is what we are specialized in. We are at your side with skilled advice and will work with you to find a hypercar that meets all of your ideas and expectations. With the popular supercars you experience dynamics from a new perspective. Physical limits seem to be suspended and driving becomes a new experience.

Non-binding offer

You are welcome to send us the vehicle details including pictures using the vehicle form or directly viaWhatsApp

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It is important that you have a partner at your side who is familiar with hypercars. Not every workshop is able to understand the unusual concepts and the innovative technology, let alone knows how to carry out the specific maintenance for it. At Autowelt Schweiz, your hypercar is also in the best hands after the purchase, because your hypercar receives intensive care and support from our experts, so that the technology remains in good shape and damage can be prevented.


Is there something you need to know?

We are happy to answer all of your questions, call us under the following number or come by for a chat at our Autowelt Schweiz Car Lounge.